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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lens Reviews

I currently shoot with (5) lenses which cover nearly the entire range from 14mm all the way to 300mm. Each of the are great for different situations as described below. You can also look for the my lenses and camera gear "tags" in the righthand side bar for more picture examples.

You can find all my tutorials at: www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com/learnphotography

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For all you techies out there here is the full rundown of everything I use for photography, including computer software and hardware.
Gadgets, Gear and Other Good Stuff

In my opinion this is the best landscape lens on the planet. It is tack sharp at any range, and super fast at f/2.8. Another great use for this lens is star photography. I shoot all my night shots with it and have never been disappointed. Here are a few shots taken with this lens and my D800. You can find even more shots I took using this lens HERE.
Night Tremors
Old Friend

A great carry around lens for day or low light situations. I take nearly all of my “people” shots with this one due to the fact that the wide aperture blurs out the background and makes for some really interesting pictures. When traveling I often walk around with this lens on as well. It might take some practice to get great compositions at 50mm but after some work, nothing but greatness comes out of this thing. Here are a few shots with the lens, but you can find more HERE
Mind Control
If I Left Tonight...

An all around great landscape and travel lens. If you were low on money and could only afford one lens at a time, this would be it. Covering a broad range from wide angle to zoom it can be used in nearly every situation. My only issue with this lens is the auto-focus, it is a bit slow. Personally I don’t use autofocus to often so it is not an issue.  I snapped these off using this lens. You can find even more shots I took with this lens HERE.
My Witness is the Empty Sky
A Day in the Sun

Nikkor 16mm Fisheye
What can I say, this is an amazing lens. Think your photography needs a new outlet? Tired of your current lens selection but not sure what to get? This lens will open an entirely funky new world. After shooting for a bit with it I am completely happy with the all around sharpness and clarity. My only beef is the slightly slow & noisy auto-focus, which I rarely ever use. Here is a shot I captured with this lens. You really can't beat 180 degree field of view:) You can find even more shots I took with this lens HERE.
Night Hawks
Winter Falls - Latourell Creek, Oregonread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

LensBaby Composer  Review Coming Soon!