Dave Morrow Photography: As We Enter: Architecture Shooting Tips Included

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

As We Enter: Architecture Shooting Tips Included

The Suzzallo Library at University of Washington is an awesome place. No I am not supporting the University, I am a die hard West Virginia University fan till the day I die, plus who wants to support shitty sports of the PACNW. But none the less, their library is fu*#king cool! If you plan on going(photo is geo tagged) make sure to strap your tripod to your back pack and walk in like you know where you are going. This is my normal procedure anywhere I go to shoot. Otherwise they pick you off fairly quickly. 

TIP: Shooting Architecture
Anytime you shoot a scene such as this there are a few main things to keep in mind. First of all you want the details of the architecture to be super sharp. I shot this at f/9. But even f/16 would work. Second of all you want it to be symmetrical. Shoot in live mode and make sure to line everything up right down the middle, or at least close so you can fix it in photoshop upon post processing. Third and last tip, even tho there are a billion more I could go on with, set your composition up with some nice leading lines that draw the eye to a couple different focal points. I used the roof, the book shelves and the lights as leading lines. Try these tips out on your next shoot and see what you think. And if you haven't tried shooting in live mode give it a shot. I really enjoy it for most applications.

As We Enter

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