Dave Morrow Photography: Panorific: The Oregon Coast

Monday, October 8, 2012

Panorific: The Oregon Coast

Sometimes the situation calls for a panoramic shot, in my opinion I though it worked great in this minimal environment. There are so many functions that Photoshop performs, why not try something new each week? It keeps things fresh and interesting.

I will be releasing my Star Photography Lightroom 4 presets in the next few days! If you haven't yet, try shooting some star photography, it's a blast. Everything you need can be found in my Star Photography Tutorial.

We Stand AloneI took this shot at Cannon Beach last night. It is comprised of 5 photos taken with my 50mm and stitched together in photoshop. Has anyone messed around with the Photomerge function? I have been a lot lately, and it does an amazing job. Make sure to zoom in on this one, lots of detail.

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