Dave Morrow Photography: Spirit Dance - Lost Lake, Oregon

Monday, January 27, 2014

Spirit Dance - Lost Lake, Oregon

I've come to realize that not nearly enough night photos have been posted to this website lately. I have a huge stash pile of unprocessed night shots on my computer, but really got sucked into post processing landscape photos lately and working on a few new workflows that go along with them.

In regards to night photography, has anyone traveled to Sweden to shoot the Aurora? I've been researching Abisko National Park there and it looks down right amazing. Just looking for any insider tips that anyone may have. I've pretty much got the whole thing scoped out, but it never hurts to grab a few tips from others before a trip.

The Shot
I made two trips to lost lake this past summer. The second attempt was too late in the year for any Milky Way action over Mount Hood, but it did yield some light aurora / air glow color around the horizon. I messed around with the ISO settings as much as I could to capture a bunch of "reflective light" in the water. Usually for star shots without the Milky Way I tend to keep the ISO much lower, but this time a high ISO setting yielded so much more star light in the water.
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