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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dave's Star Photography Lightroom 4 Presets

Ready to take your star photography to the next level, and learn some really cool stuff along the way? With my easy-to-use Under The Stars Lightroom 4 presets package & the click of a button your night skies will be transformed forever.

Check out the following shots, then watch the short introduction video below about the presets. If you have any more questions feel free visit Dave's Under the Stars Lightroom 4 Presets Page.

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Shoot Me to the Stars

When Worlds Collide

Please note the video compression did not process the darker tones very well, you may see minor noise at the bottom of the screen. You will not see any of this noise when using your Under the Stars Lightroom 4 Presets, they will appear just as mine do above.

Under the Stars Lightroom 4 Presets Video

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Not yet sure how to take pictures of the night sky? That's OK just follow the link to my Shooting the Night Sky, Star Tutorial and become an expert in no time.

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