Dave Morrow Photography: Long Walks in the Woods

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Long Walks in the Woods

Want to step your composition game up & learn to shoot perspectives that you never thought possible? Grab your camera gear and take a walk in the woods somewhere around sunset or sunrise. When the light is nice we often find ourselves looking for spots where we can actually see the sun dip below the horizon. This sometimes limits where we go and what we shoot. The light and colors are just as fun to take pictures of in other locations and there are many different interesting things to shoot besides massive land & cityscapes.

2 more days til my free HDR tutorial is released:)

The Shot
I went out to shoot sunset at Snoqualmie falls and decided in needed some new flavor in my portfolio. Instead of shooting the falls in wandered into the woods. There are a ton of different shots from that night on my computer that I am excited to process in the coming "wet" months.
ReachRandom wanderings in the woods around sunset, strange colors and light. Overall good times...