Dave Morrow Photography: The Gorge - Vik, Iceland

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Gorge - Vik, Iceland

I really like having my photos shared online and make them very easy to share and enjoy, but when I see them shared incorrectly without providing my name & website next to the picture it makes me mad. Mount Rainier National Park is currently incorrectly sharing my picture on Facebook and will not answer me in email or twitter form. The best part is the White House Tweeted the picture on their twitter account which I do find really cool. The tweet below is interactive, go ahead and click...

— The White House (@whitehouse) January 26, 2013

The Shot
This was the picture that I processed in my Free HDR Video Tutorial. I took it on the Southern Coast of Iceland near Vik. If you are ever in Iceland make sure you go to Vik, it is a really cool town with amazing black beaches, and beautiful landscapes. 
The Gorgeread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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