Dave Morrow Photography: Night Mystic - Abisko, Sweden

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Night Mystic - Abisko, Sweden

Spring is full force here in the Pacific Northwest, which has given me plenty of opportunities to spend my time outside camping, hiking and exploring the landscapes that surround this region. My goal for the season is to backpack / hike to as many places as possible that don't get photographed by the masses. Most of these locations require 15-20 miles of hiking which is great if you enjoy escaping for a bit.

There are also some really neat weekend hikes that I'd highly recommend to anyone. TDH Mountain Hike near Portland is a great day trip, with some nice views for either sunrise or sunset. For anyone that likes the coastal regions, Second & Third Beach Hikes on the Olympic Peninsula are also great.

For anyone that may still be interested I have 6 total spots left for the 2014 season. They are all for the August workshops which are held at Mount Rainier National Park. We also do a sunrise and sunset session which is included in the workshop providing you with 8+ hours of photography instruction. Click here for full details & signup.

Although I don't usually have cell phone service while hiking, I always like to carry my phone along for videos and photos ( most are posted to my Behind the Scenes Album ). Here is a photo from this past weekends hike in the Mount Hood Wilderness. My buddy Chase made a really cool video from our weekend hike. You can also find a video I took here, which is a bit shaky and lacks in comparison to Chase's but you might enjoy it anyway:)
Mount Hood Wilderness under heavy fog
Hiking in the Mount Hood Wilderness / Nexus 5 + VSCO Cam

The Shot 
It usually takes me weeks after a big photography trip to sit down and organize all of the photos. After getting back from the Arctic Circle it took more like 2 months. None the less I feel that organizing your photos and getting all of the ones you REALLY like compiled into a big collection is a huge help. There is nothing worse than sitting down with a head full of inspiration to process some photos, only to see a bunch photos you don't really like. I prefer to sit down, click on my "Ready to Process" folder in Lightroom and get to work on something that I already know I'd like to work on.

Conor MacNeill and I landed in Kiruna Sweden early in the morning and were on the road scouting for sunset locations within the hour. With endless fields of snow, small icy creeks, and pine forests we were in heaven. After sunset we started our drive towards Norway where we planned to explore for the next week. On the way we got a pretty good display of the Aurora on our first night. Here is one of the many shots I took that night.When you're out under the Aurora everything is bathed in a soft glow of greens, purples and yellows. Over a 5-15 second exposure these colors and lights show up even more than can be depicted by the human eye.

As for all of my shots, they display much better on a black background, so please click the photo to view:)

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