Dave Morrow Photography: Exploring the Night Skies of the Washington Coast

Friday, October 12, 2012

Exploring the Night Skies of the Washington Coast

I am so excited that you all are enjoying my Under the Stars Lightroom Presets, thanks so much for the positive feedback. If you have not picked them up yet check out the following link- Dave's Under the Star Lightroom Presets. They are guaranteed to take your night photography to a whole new level.

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So enough with the promotion, I am headed off to Victoria BC tomorrow by way of boat. Hopefully there will be some unique landscapes to shoot up there. Due to all the clouds I see hanging over Seattle right now I really doubt any stars will be hangin' around.

The Shot:
My first time at Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula was amazing. After a decent sunset I went back up to my car and had a few drinks and laid around waiting for the stars. After a while things started to dim down a bit and there it was the Milky Way. This night was like nothing I had ever seen, the stars were basically laying right on top of me. I laid there and stared into the sky forever...

Night Tremors

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