Dave Morrow Photography: The Miracle - Mount St. Helens, WA

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Miracle - Mount St. Helens, WA

Most of you probably already know this, but there are two new exciting things going on at DaveMorrowPhotography.com right now. First off we have the Star Photography Workshop Give Away Contest in which you can win a free spot to one of my workshops. There is also a chance to share your night photography pictures on my website so Click Here to Upload Your Favorite Star Photos.

I'm also wondering if anyone got some good moon pictures last night? I would be interested to see!

The Shot
Mount St. Helens is a trip that I have been wanting to make for a while now. Well it finally happened and the conditions could not have been better. A great sunset, followed by an even more amazing Milky Way, and some colorful green air glow, it's hard to beat that.
The Miracle - Mount St. Helens, WAread the full story at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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