Dave Morrow Photography: "Pro Photographers" - Yosemite Valley, CA

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Pro Photographers" - Yosemite Valley, CA

For the first time yesterday I was able to explore Mount St. Helens and damn is it awesome. We stayed up there for sunrise and sunset as well as the best Milky Way I have seen so far. There will be some pictures surfacing in the coming weeks from the shoot. One is currently sitting in Photoshop ready for a full edit sesh...

For anyone else that will be out taking star pics in the coming weeks, feel free to sit in on one of my Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshops where I'll teach you my entire star photography workflow. You even get a picture to process along with me:)

The Shot
When I was setting up for this shot in Yosemite a few months back a group of photographers came over to me and said. Hey were "Pro Photographers" can you move, we need to run our workshop here! What is a pro photographer I asked? Grumbles. The guy didn't even accept a beer when I offered, so I kept shooting...

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