Dave Morrow Photography: The Omega - Goðafoss, Iceland

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Omega - Goðafoss, Iceland

Does anyone ever feel that they nail a picture on their nice & calibrated home monitor then look on another computer and see that is has completely destroyed the work of art? None the less it's always good to calibrate your computer screen for the sake of prints even tho most people only view pictures digitally these days. I personally use the Spyder4Elite Calibration System once a month and find it to work really well. This is the only sure fire way to make sure your clients will receive a print that looks the same as what's displayed on your home screen. There are also some other calibration options such as the X-Rite ColorMunki which comes at almost double the price point. It's doubtful that it's double as great, can anyone out there confirm, I would be interested to in knowing?

Just another update, there are now 2 spots left in my Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop, where we will cover my full post processing workflow from start to finish. I even provide you a RAW picture file to work along with me:)

The Shot  ( Head on over to the Learn Photography Page for all my tutorials )
Traveling to Iceland on a yearly basis is always a really nice escape. This past year was the first time that we made it over to Goðafoss which has been on the top of my "To Do" list for a while now. Needless to say, this waterfall and the surrounding location are beyond beautiful. There is really nothing to describe the feeling I had while shooting a 3 hour sunset at the location, maybe it was the litter of rum Meghan and I had been toting around that day? 

Post Processing Info ( Grab some discount codes to the programs below at bottom of About Me Page )
Processing Time: 90 Minutes
Music: Knife Party 2013 Week 2 Ultra Music Festival Set ( One of my fav sets from the weekend )
Drink: Tanqueray & Tonic w/ some lime.... mmmm

Lightroom 4 
  • This shot comes from a single RAW file. I rarely capture more than (2) exposures anymore.
  • Carefully adjust white balance, this took about 10 min to achieve what I wanted.
  • Bring out the shadows in the rocks a little. 
  • Clarity brush for the foreground water detail only.
  • Global sharpening.
  • Export to TIFF
Photoshop CS6
  • Apply Tony Kuypers Luminosity Masking Actions & Techniques using curves adjustments to selectively increase contrast throughout the image. 
  • Apply slight color balance using the gradient tool to select parts of the image. 
  • Detailed luminosity adjustments using Tony's Presets to make the foreground water detail really POP. This took around 20-30 min of the post processing time.
  • Nik Color Efex Pro Contrast and skylight filter applied selectively throughout the image. 
  • Nik Output Sharpener
  • Nik Define
  • Slight global vignette application
  • Save to JPEG.
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