Dave Morrow Photography: The Future.... is Now

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Future.... is Now

This was taken at Pioneer Square Station in Seattle. I was exploring downtown and came across this awesome place. It has a super futuristic feel to it that reminds me of Shanghai China. 

Here are a few tips I keep in mind when processing pictures. Black is key to any photo, without it the eyes are overwhelmed with color, saturation, and light and nothing pops out. Using black in different areas of the picture allows the viewers eyes to move around and get a break from all that great color. Look at the work of great painters such as Monet, there are always "sploches" of black in his paintings. Countless other great painters as well as photographers use the same technique. The hard part is to decide what should and should not be darker, or lighter for that matter. Next time you go out to shoot a sunset, think about what parts of the scene you see darker, and add it to your post processing workflow. Just remember, don't over do the light, dark matters too!

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