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Thursday, October 18, 2012

HDR Tips & Tricks 101

There is a lot of crappy over the top HDR out there. One of the biggest mistakes I see is unrealistic lighting. There are a few reality checks I like to do with myself while processing a picture which can be found below. I have also included some other helpful links that you may enjoy.

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Ok let's get on with it already, here are the tips...

1) Is the ground darker than the sky? It is hard to think of a situation when it would not be. Even a reflection of the sun, should be dimmer than the sun itself.

2) Is everything exposed? It should not be. There should be dark spots as well as light spots through out the photo. Your eye is not capable of exposing everything, so to make your pics look realistic make sure to do this sanity check while processing.

3) Is everything in focus? It shouldn’t be, at least in landscape photography, as your field of vision travels to more distant places in a picture, they shouldn’t be as sharp. Depending on where you focus your eyes, the fore ground may be blurry as well. 

Next time when your out shooting take a look at the objects around you, near and far. How do the look? Are they dark, light, sharp, soft, how are the shadows reacting to the sun, moon or light? Nailing an HDR image is all about producing something that the eye likes to look at. There is a small space between real and make believe where all of our brains like to hang out from time to time. I try to mimic this place in many of my pictures... Here are a few of my favorite HDR photos.

Take this picture for example, the lighting conditions were pretty dynamic, meaning there was a broad range of light. To capture all of this light I shoot 7 exposures and blended them together. Providing a broad range of darks and lights as well as saturation of mid-tones allows the eye to travel around the picture to different areas it likes. 
*Old Friend*My back log of photos at this point in time is over 8000, which is never a bad thing. With the winter coming there will be plenty of time to process them. Here is one from Palouse Falls that was taken at the beginning of the summer. The light was not quit as epic as I had hoped for, but it still made for a beautiful sunset.For all of you that still want that star photography tutorial, don't worry. It's in the works.....

Here is another fun one shot in San Francisco. To the naked eye this stair case might be boring, but using 9 exposures to catch all of the light and color I was able to make it pop out. Saturating only certain complimentary colors helps everything to stay within the realms of reality and keeps your eyes glued to the screen.
A Night at the FairmontWalking around San Francisco this past weekend I found the Fairmont Hotel. I had been to this location on previous trips before I started really getting into pictures earlier in the year. Anyways, if you are in the area, this place is a must.

Iceland Iceland, what a place. Using 7 shots I was able to capture the color, darks, lights and basic mid-tones in this shot. Using cloud movement to help the picture flow & saturation to draw the viewer in I feel that the actual depth of this landscape pops off the page.
The Wind & The DoorLatrabjarg Iceland is home to thousands of Puffins as well as this awesome light house. Deep in the West Fjords it does taking some driving time off the beaten path, but all the better to stay away from the hordes of tourist that flock to the country in Mid June. We arrived around 5 am, and hung out around the puffins taking pictures for an hour or so, then I wandered off and took this shot of the light house.

Here are a few more for you to study up on. 
The Midnight SunI took this my last night in Iceland. As usual I was driving around the Fjords looking for fun spots to shoot. There are so many waterfalls that they almost become the norm over time, but with the sun dipping below the horizon this one looked amazing.

My Witness is the Empty SkyThis was one of those sunsets in Iceland where everything is coverage in a blanket of yellow and orange. There are beautiful compositions in all directions and you can not fire off shots fast enough...

The Hive

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