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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshops

So you're ready to fully unleash the power of Photoshop & Lightroom, allowing you to take your star photography post processing to the next level?

This interactive online group workshop teaches all of the skills required to take an image ( straight out of the camera ) as shown on the left, and turn it into a finished product, as seen on the right. Upon signing up you'll even receive the photo we'll be working on during the workshop, allowing you to follow along at home.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
A new photo is selected and post processed / edited for each workshop. This one is from a past workshop.

What You Will Learn

During our time together we will go through my entire star photography post processing workflow covering the skill sets as denoted below. Some of these skill sets may sound complicated, but I promise to make it an easy and educational learning experience.

Scroll to the very bottom of the page to see comments from satisfied students. 

Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Camera RAW
The workshop is taught using Adobe Lightroom, but you can take the workshop using Adobe Camera Raw and learn just as much.
  • RAW file conversion
  • Color correction
  • Lens Correction Profiles & Adjustments
  • Noise Reduction
  • Luminosity Control / Making the Stars Pop
  • Contrast and levels controls
  • Selective Color Application
  • Double RAW File Processing - One of My Favorite Tricks!

Adobe Photoshop
  • Digital Blending
  • Creating and applying luminosity masks (This is what really makes the stars come to life)
  • Using the Channels Module in Photoshop.
  • Channel "Painting" - A simple yet powerful technique I created specifically for editing star photos. Once you see it, you'll be amazed.
  • Using the Layers Module in Photoshop.
  • Selective sharpening (stars only)
  • Selective noise reduction (dark noisy areas only)
  • Final Color Correction
  • Final Edit (Free Transform, artistic cropping)
  • Artistic Vignette / Presentation
  • Final photo presentation and display.
  • Web Sharpening & Preparing photos for online display.

Artistic Vision and Composition 
  • Although many photographers consider this topic something you should only think about while out shooting, I truly believe it is important to apply it at all times during the photographic & creative process. 
  • During our time together I'll touch on key ideas, and through processes that I use every time I sit down to post process a new photo.
  • I'll also be discussing key points that I use while out shooting star photos as well. 
  • You are of course free to ask questions at any time!

Free Bonus Material - 150$ Value

Along with the great learning experience provided with the workshop you will also get the following sent to your email inbox as soon as you sign up & free of charge.

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Currently there aren't any online workshops offered due to my summer travel schedule. Click the link below to get a free copy of my 40 page star photography ebook and I'll also let you know when new workshops open up!


More details below the next photo.
Another photo example from a past workshop.

Learning Format

The class length will run approximately 2 hours.

I will be teaching this workshop in the form of a Google Hangout Video Conference. Google Hangouts allows me to share my screen, my voice, and important information with everyone as we work. ( It's like Skype, but better! )

I'll send you an email upon signup thoroughly explaining how to set everything up and how to prepare for the workshop. It's all very easy!

You will also receive a RAW photo file, the same as the one I'll be working on during the workshop. This will allow you to work along at home, as I teach the workshop.

Along the way we will stop for questions, discussion and further learning. You are free to stop me at any time during the workshop to ask questions or make comments.

There will be a question and answer session / overview at the end of the class where you can ask anything you like. We usually all talk, share photos, discuss photography, travel locations, and other fun stuff like that!

More details below the next photo. Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Minimum Requirements

  1. A pair of headphones.
  2. Adobe Lightroom 3 or newer. You can use Adobe Camera RAW and still follow along.
  3. Photoshop CS4 or newer.

Other helpful tools that aren’t required, but very helpful
  • A high speed internet connection. We will be doing a video conference, so this always helps. 
  • An extra screen. This allows you to watch me on one, and post process on the other.
  • Adobe Bridge

Maximum Participants
9 Participants total  ( When the class is sold out, the "BUY BUTTON" will no longer accept payments.

Payment is carried out through PayPal, but you can also pay with credit or debit card.
  1. Upon selecting the Buy Now button below you will be directed a new page.
  2. On this new page select Submit Order.
  3. You will now be redirected to the PayPal checkout screen.
  4. To pay via credit or debit card, select the "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" option. This will direct you to the card payment services.
Reference the remaining information below the payment options for any other questions you may have or shoot me an email to Support@DaveMorrowPhotography.com if you can't find an answer you're looking for:)

Check out all the comments from happy customers below the photos at the bottom of the page if you like:)

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Cost - 125$

Sunday, March 8th, 2015 @ 4 PM Pacific Standard Time
4 Spots Remain
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I do not have a cancellation policy for this class, the tuition is non-refundable upon purchase. Students that arrive to the class later than 10 minutes after the start time will not be accepted since we will already be well into the learning session. You are welcome to sell your spot to someone if you can not make it, but rescheduling to a future date as makeup will not be allowed. Please make sure to alert me if you sell your workshop spot or will not make it to the workshop for which you have signed up. Thanks for reading my cancelation policy.

Comments from a bunch of happy students right below the next few photos! You can also check out my Complete Star Photography Portfolio if you're interested.
from www.DaveMorrowPhotography.comRead the full blog post -->http://www.davemorrowphotography.com/2014/05/painted-in-sky-lost-lake-oregon.htmlI've been wanting to get up to Lost Lake to shoot the Milky Way for a while now. After a few failed attempts in the past with clouds covering the sky I finally got a few shots I liked this past weekend.There were intermittent clouds, so I waited and waited and waited until the Mount Hood ( approx 11,000 feet ) and the Milky Way were visible to click off my shutter.In this photo I really wanted to convey the soft light and color tones that the stars leave on the water and surrounding landscapes when there is not much ambient city light to ruin the scene. After standing there long enough, and letting your eyes adjust, the stars twinkle brightly in the water.Thoughts, critique and comments always welcome!This is a single exposure processed in Lightroom & Photoshop.
www.DaveMorrowPhotography.comCheck out my FREE Star Photography Tutorial  and  Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial  Ready to learn star photography? My summer star photography workshop schedule for 2014 is now up and running.  We will shoot from the exact location you see in the picture above  Under the Stars Night Photography Workshops
from www.DaveMorrowPhotography.comCheck out my FREE Star Photography Tutorial  and  Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial  Ready to learn star photography? My summer star photography workshop schedule for 2014 is now up and running.Under the Stars Night Photography Workshops

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