Dave Morrow Photography: Lost: In the Valley of Dreams - Mount Rainier, Washington

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lost: In the Valley of Dreams - Mount Rainier, Washington

Does anyone ever wake up and hope for clouds & rainy skies? Seattle has been so sunny lately, waking up to some dim & gloomy skies this morning was definitely welcomed. One of my buddies Paul Rutherford is in town for the weekend and we ventured up to the top of the Space Needle for sunset. The colors were great & the city lights up nicely a bit after sunset. Highly suggest a trip to the top if you are in the area.

PS: One spot just opened up in my Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop if anyone wants it. 

The Shot
A few weeks ago a group of 9 students and myself were out taking pictures at Mount Rainier. The night was absolutely perfect for Milky Way shots, we even got some air glow here and there. It's a blast taking a bunch of awesome photographers out to capture the night sky, especially on a clear night like this. Thanks to everyone that came out to the In the Field Workshop!
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