Dave Morrow Photography: Fire & Ice - Mount Rainier, Washington

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fire & Ice - Mount Rainier, Washington

This past weekend was my first experience traveling ( armed with a camera ) to the Southern Oregon Coast. We hit some great Oregon locations along the way such as Lost Lake, Crater Lake, Bandon, Cannon Beach as well as my personal favorite Samuel Boardman State Park. Now that all the new pictures are uploaded to the trusty iMac it's back to the road and off to Eastern Washington for the weekend.

For any newcomers to the website I keep a running diary of "On the Road" pictures including iPhone uploads and random pics taken behind the scenes... here are a few from my last trip, taken and processed with my iPhone 4. Feel free to click on any of them for a gallery view. 
Soft Blue Light Paints the Layers of Southern Oregon's Coastline / iPhone + Snapseed
Greg Annandale & Conor MacNeill Shooting Sunrise at Cannon Beach / D800
Hanging On The Edge @ Crater Lake / iPhone + Snapseed
Ok, hopefully you weren't bored by the travel pictures, I personally love seeing the shots people take while out traveling. On to the real deal...

The Shot
During one of this summer's star photography workshops, Jason Williams gave me the great idea to bring some steel wool up to the mountain.  Well that was an easy decision and it seemed to go over really well at the next group of workshop students. If you are interested in doing it on your own I found this article by Photo Extremist to be very helpful. Here is one of my favorites from the night... and if you're into learning how I process or take this type of shot my Free Star Photography Tutorial & Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial should be right up your alley. Enjoy!
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