Dave Morrow Photography: FROST - Palouse, Washington

Thursday, September 26, 2013

FROST - Palouse, Washington

Every week or so I go through the website here and clean up random odds and ends, add new content to the static pages, and provide newly learned techniques and other fun stuff like that. Yesterday new content was added to the About Me Page, including some pictures, music, quotes, and books that I like. I find it fun to see what others like, especially for inspirational purposes, so providing everyone with the same sort of content seemed like a good idea.

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The Shot
Every time I go to Palouse Washington it seems like a last minute idea. The high speed 5 hour drive through Eastern Washington that follows always knocks me out and makes one wonder why they went through with such an idea. Leaving at 10 PM from Seattle puts you @ Steptoe Butte right as the blue hour light starts to hit the endless abstract fields of color. On this particular day there was a solid frost covering everything and the light refracting through it created an amazing glow over the entire visible landscape.

Post Processing Info ( Grab some discount codes to the programs below at bottom of About Me Page )
Processing Time: 35 Minutes
Music: Kaskade - The Grand Live Set
Drink: Alaska Brewing Company Winter Ale

Lightroom 4
  • Single RAW file
  • Adjust white balance to accentuate the blues
  • Adjust highlights and midtones to bring out the "frosty glow"
  • Minimal sharpening and clarity adjustments

Photoshop CS6
  • Apply Tony Kuypers Luminosity Masking Actions & Techniques using curves adjustments to selectively increase contrast throughout the image and provide nice glow to the "Bright Lights" selections of the picture. 
  • Apply color balance to select areas of the picture. 
  • Make the highlights GLOW with Nik Color Efex. ( I only selected the very bright parts of the picture to apply this adjustment using Tony's Actions mentioned above. )
  • Nik Color Efex Pro Contrast
  • Nik Output Sharpener ( selectively )
  • Noiseware Professional by Imagenomic, the best NR software out there...
  • Slight global vignette application
  • Save to JPEG.
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