Dave Morrow Photography: Day Break at Steptoe Butte

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day Break at Steptoe Butte

During peak season this place is out of control. I slept in the back of my X-Terra at the bottom of Steptoe Butte which allowed me to beat the 15-20 photographers that flocked to the top right before sunrise. Out of nowhere there were people everywhere. I can't complain tho, the light was amazing.

Day BreakThe Palouse is awesome, the light that this place displays on any given morning is really intense, and you are almost guaranteed to get some good shots. Prepare for a swarm of people to be at the top as well. I always sleep on an air mattress in the back of my car at the very bottom right next to the gate. This allows me to wake up and make it to the top before anyone else.This particular morning was amazing, light in all directions, I was running around like a mad man for an hour getting a bunch of fun shots.

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