Dave Morrow Photography: Locals VS Lupines

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Locals VS Lupines

The first day in Iceland after picking up our Happy Camper we headed off toward the West Fjords. I found it immediately hard to keep my camera in the bag with beauty all around. The air was perfectly warm, the sun bright and we had 10 days of unknown adventures to come.

PS I just added a new feature to the website called Insta-Stream. My Instagram photos now show up on the side bar about half way down the page on the right side. I usually post shots there when I am out shooting:)

The Shot
30 minutes into the drive we saw a beautiful field of blue lupines & I had to grab a shot. The funny part is, lupines are everywhere in Iceland and most of the locals consider them to be a weed that destroys everything. Personally I love the flower and took a million and one pictures along the trip.
A Day in the Sun

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