Dave Morrow Photography: Hooded Lady of the Valley - Yosemite National Park, CA

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hooded Lady of the Valley - Yosemite National Park, CA

I noticed this website getting a lot of visitors from China today, which is awesome! I'm excited to say I'll be back in China this Fall for some photography adventures:) If you didn't know, everyone is always free to introduce themselves in the comments below, I try to respond to them all! There is also an About Me Section for anyone that's interested. Anyways, this is a new moon weekend, so I'm headed to the Palouse Region of Eastern Washington to take some Milky Way shots. Anyone else have a big weekend planned?

If you didn't see the last post, I just found out I was one of the finalist for this years Smithsonian's 10th Annual Photo Contest. I would really appreciate your vote, no sign up necessary just click a 2 buttons and your done. You can click HERE to vote, I am number 18# with my shot of the Milky Way and Mount Rainier.

The Shot
I have been holding out on posting my Yosemite pictures, so I might as well start out big. I snapped this one off from Glacier Point as the sun light faded over the eastern horizon. Easily one of the coolest sunsets I have ever seen. My favorite part is the waterfall in the bottom righthand corner.

Fun Facts
Full size 21,000 PX wide at 105MB file size.
3 single RAW shots processed in LR4 and stitched together in Photoshop Photomerge (which kicks ass in CS6). Then I used luminosity masking get contrast midtone and light regions along with Nik Color Efex and OnOne Perfect PhotoSuite7 both are amazing programs. The last step was slight color correction and sharpening using Nik Sharpener.
Hooded Lady of the Valley

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