Dave Morrow Photography: Rollin' - Palouse, Washington

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rollin' - Palouse, Washington

My new website is getting closer & closer to being completed which is really exciting. The only issue is that I nitpick way too much and stress my stuff out about non-sense for no reason. None the less, when it's done, the results are gonna be awesome! Well at least I think they will;)

I have not announced it on here yet, but there is a new Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop opened up. In these workshops you will learn exactly how I process all my star shots from beginning to end. Just head over to that page and reserve a spot. 4 have sold already and there are 5 left.

The Shot
The D800 first landed in my hands a year and a half or so ago, a few days after that I snapped this shot in the Palouse Region of WA. The rolling hills and colors bring photographers from all around the world to this area in June and July. 

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