Dave Morrow Photography: If Only Time - Crater Lake, Oregon

Thursday, October 3, 2013

If Only Time - Crater Lake, Oregon

Are you from Seattle or visiting the area? Twenty of my pictures are currently hanging on display at the Triple Door in Seattle. These are big, colorful and vivid prints of 20 x 30 inches and larger, printed on an array of mediums from canvas to Satin Thin Wrap and ready to hang on your wall. If you come down and buy one, I'll sign the front or back of the picture for you depending on which you prefer:) The prints will only be up til the start of November so come down and check it out while you still can!

Time is running short and so are the remaining spots ( 2 left ) in my Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop. We will work through one of my Milky Way shots from star ( RAW file ), to finish ( portfolio JPEG file ), you'll even receive the RAW file to work along with me. Try something new this month and signup, you will be glad you did:)

I have been looking for a compact way to transfer photos from my memory cards to external hard drives while on the road without taking my bulky Macbook Pro. Well the solution is solved, a Nexus 10 Tablet arrived in the mail yesterday & allows transfer of files from my memory card to a single external hard drive, once that transfer is complete the action is repeated with another external hard drive for duplicate backups. Using the Nexus 10 is slightly slower than a laptop, it takes around 40 minutes to transfer 32GB of data from my card reader to the external 1TB hard drives. In turn I can now travel very VERY light without a laptop. A full review on how to do this yourself will be added to this website in the coming weeks, after testing the setup on a two week trip to China. PS: I've never tried Android before, and it's pretty damn awesome, especially with the new ( crap ) IOS 7, it may be time for a mobile change too.

The Shot

This one comes from the latest Oregon Coast trip, where we swung over to Crater Lake on the way towards Samuel Boardman State Park. Actually, I don't know if 600 miles out of the way is considered a swing, but none the less the weather was great, and so was the Milky Way. In this shot I really wanted to capture the nice colorful blue hour that the location almost always produces, and some stars on the side never hurt anyone right?

Check out my Free Star Photography Tutorial & learn how to take this type of shot on your own. There is also a gallery for you to share your star shots included on the tutorial page.

Post Processing Info ( Grab some discount codes to the programs below at bottom of About Me Page )
Processing Time: 35 Minutes
Music: TJR Set live on Diplo & Friends
Drink: White Russian ( Muhahah! )

Lightroom 4
  • Two RAW files, one for the stars, and another longer exposure for the rest of the scene. 
  • Adjust white balance to accentuate the blues and bring out stars using "Highlights" slider. 
  • Adjust highlights and midtones to bring out the "frosty glow"
  • Minimal sharpening and clarity adjustments
  • + Vibrance & - Saturation

Photoshop CS6
from www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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