Dave Morrow Photography: Nordic Nights - Southern Iceland

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nordic Nights - Southern Iceland

Do any of you have Sound Cloud? I use it constantly and share a bunch of music that I like on there. It's a free service and unlike Pandora ( which I also use a lot ) or other music streaming apps, artists upload their music here and share it so that you can pick and chose what you want to hear. You can find me at Dave Morrow Photo @ Sound Cloud.com. Feel free to leave suggestions for other cool music apps in the comments below.

I've been post processing a ton of Iceland pics lately. As shown in the post processing workflow video provided with the last post, all the pictures in my Lightroom Catalog are categorized by location and then tossed into smart folders depending on location. It's really fun to become completely immersed into one of these folders and find a bunch of pictures that were taken a year or so ago then forgotten about.

I took this behind the scenes shot an hour or two after shooting the sunset scene pictured at the bottom of this post.You can see our KuKu Camper parked in the middle the road.

The Shot
Post processing this shot lasted over at least a month. Thinking it was complete I would return a few days later and realize that results were not there yet. Eventually I was thinking about throwing the file out and starting over. Thankfully one last try, and finally, success ( well at least in my eyes ).

It's hard to tell in this picture but the mountain you see on the left side of the shot below is the same height as the mountain you see in the picture with our camper above. Things towards the center of a really wide angle lens always appear much smaller than they really are.

None the less, we were out driving for 4 hours during this sunset, and I can hands down say it was the best I have ever seen. Thankfully there are 40 pictures on the computer from this 4 hour span and only 3 have been processed. This is the first to make it online, so hopefully you like it:) from www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com
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