Dave Morrow Photography: Outside the Niche - Snapshots in Time

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Outside the Niche - Snapshots in Time

I find it interesting that photographers are usually known for a niche of photos that they provide to the world on a regular basis. On the other hand as a photographer I know that my finger is constantly on the shutter button when exploring any new city, landscape or foreign land, and I have a lot more photos on my hard drive than ever make it online. As with anyone that wants to learn and grow as a photographer, I feel that constantly experimenting with new mediums, ideas, looks and inspiration is key. For me this is often done behind the scenes on my on free and experimental time, but why not share it with the world? Here is a random selection of stuff that I have captured while exploring and and experimenting in the digital darkroom. Click on any of the shots to head over to my Snapshots in Time Gallery where all these pics are stored:) PS: There is a lot of texture blending going on... a tutorial and textures package is coming soon.

Pig Boyfrom www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com