Dave Morrow Photography: Spires - Mount Rainier, Washington

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spires - Mount Rainier, Washington

For a while now I've been planning to hit the California Coast just north of Los Angeles and do some Milky Way stuff. Finally my map is filled with a bunch of good destinations and I'm ready to make the push. We will be starting in Los Angeles and driving up to San Francisco over 5 days. Crossing my fingers for clear skies and good weather. The last blog post had a bunch of Tips on Planning for Photography Trips some of you should enjoy.

On to some other news and updates. Five more of my Star Photography Workshops have sold out, leaving 15 left for the entire year of 2014. If you are looking to attend, now is a great time to buy:) Full info and details on my Star Photography Workshops Page.

Here is a shot from one of last years summer workshops. A handful of us woke up to shoot sunrise after a long night under the stars. This is one of the locations we will shoot from this year as well.
My last group of star photography workshop students for the summer. We had a nice sunrise at Tipsoo Lake to finish the thing off:)

The Shot
Last year during workshop season I would take a few pictures here and there while out with the different groups of students to show them what I was doing, and what tips & tricks were used along the way. For the most part I would wander around and help people with their own camera settings, allowing them to get some amazing shots of their own. It's really fun talking with everyone about photography, teaching, and learning about a bunch of new cameras along the way. Here is a shot I took while showing everyone my setup on the mountain. We even walked down that path a ways to do some exploring as well, then up to the main vantage point of the mountain to shoot some more. The skills used in the post processing of this shot can be found in my handy Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial.
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