Dave Morrow Photography: February 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Path to the Stars - Alvord Desert, Oregon

The first month of 2014 has flown bye already. Hopefully everyone's new years resolutions are going ok. I don't really do the resolution thing, but I do constantly make notes and provide myself with short term goals and long term strategies on accomplishing everything that I want to get done.

One of my short term goals has been to stay away from the social media self centered brag fest ( minus sharing a picture here and there and answering a few questions ) and work more on new projects, trip planning and helping others to learn more about photography and accomplishing what they want to with their art. It's been great so far and helped to provide a major increase in creative/unique thinking patterns which I felt were being drowned out for a while.

After taking a step back and looking in from a distance many people seem to be "sharing" all of their awards  / accomplishments ( bragging rights ) which they have received. Many will spend their entire life running faster and faster chasing the goals conceived by others, while leaving their own wonderful thoughts and ideas by the wayside; their dreams slowly drowned by the overpowering hum of the internet's definition of "GREAT".

I've done this, we all do this, maybe it's just human nature, or maybe it's something that will dominate more and more as we're increasingly digitally connected to one another at all times. Just keep in mind that any accomplishment you may be chasing was derived from the brain of another person just like you. So why not create something new, why not be different?

I write a lot lately, just jots here and there with thoughts that my brain constructs from watching myself and others on a daily basis... so here is a quick one I wrote for everyone, or maybe just for myself. Take a second to sit back and think about it, maybe it's for you as well.

Allowing society to cripple your creativity with pre-defined awards ( bragging rights ) and place an established value on the beauty you create is giving away your path to the stars, to your dreams, and most of all your path to create something new, something beautiful, something that can not be defined by words, actions or ideas that the human mind has already conceived. -Dave Morrow

On to another quick topic, I did a quick solo trip to the Olympic Peninsula this weekend and explored Rialto and Shi Shi Beaches. Here is a quick video from Rialto that I recorded just after sunrise. You can hear the birds chirping if you listen closely. Once it's playing click the little gear at the bottom of the video for 1080P best quality.

Just Before Sunset @ Point of Arches Washington / Nexus 5

The Shot
I spent 3 days out in the playa of Alvord Desert last year. Mostly just sitting around, reading, drinking some beer and relaxing, with sunrise, sunset and the night hours set aside for taking pictures. It's a great place to be to clear your mind and think about random stuff that may not pop up with the everyday nonstop thought patterns of life... It's nice out there & they have some awesome dark skies!

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