Dave Morrow Photography: February 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evening Glow - Lower Punchbowl Falls, Oregon

Today was filled with lots of web design, including some small tweaks to my website. I also hashed out the new, improved and completely free to watch HDR Video Tutorial. Follow the provided link to get the RAW files ( work along with me ) or just watch the video right here on this page:)

The Shot
Well I'm on a roll why not post another shot from my trip to Oregon a few weeks back. Normally I let these sit around for a while longer brewing in the slurry of photos just waiting to be set free into the online world. Here is one from Lower Punchbowl Falls looking the opposite way as most shots you see from this spot.
Evening Glow - Lower Punchbowl Falls, Oregonread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dusk at the Vista House - Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

For those of you that are interested in learning more about photography feel free to check out my free tutorials and learning material at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com/learnphotography. I also just updated my Free HDR Video Tutorial with an all new picture including step by step voice commentary.

The Shot
A few weeks back I made a highly motivated trip to the Gorge to shoot the falls and beautiful landscapes. The weather was nothing short of perfect, here is one of the first shots I'll post from the trip.
Dusk at the Vista House - Columbia River Gorge, Oregonread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tatoosh Dreams - Mount Rainier NP, WA

Where to go what to do? Any ideas? I'm on the verge of heading off to Guilin, China for a few weeks later in the year. It has been my dream to explore this part of Asia for a while and I finally have the time to pull it off. As always my Online Star Photography Post Processing Class is still filling up so grab a spot for the next class:)

The Shot
Wandering around Mount Rainier National Park in the summer months is one of my favorite activities, this was taken on one of my many adventures up there this past summer.
Tatoosh Dreams - Mount Rainier NP, WAfrom www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Morning Coffee - Times Square, NYC

I am in the middle of taking some online training courses from Chip Philips and Trey Ratcliff, both seem to contain a ton off good info. I'll give a better review once I am done with the videos. No matter how much I learn about photography and Photoshop I always pick up new stuff when watching these lessons from great photographers.

The Shot
Times Square is a place you can visit at any time of day or not, the lights are always on and people are wandering around. This shot was taken after I grabbed some coffee to charge up for a morning of shooting.
Morning Coffee - Times Square, NYC

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Avenues & Alleyways - Victoria, BC

When it comes to photography I love the post processing part just as much as taking the picture, maybe even more. There is something compelling about taking a vision or inspiration and bringing it to life on the computer screen. I like to mix it up a bit bringing somewhat of a "dream world" into some of my photos. Here are a few things you could add to your pictures in Photoshop to really bring them to life. These options may not always work, but in certain cases they sure do make the picture pop. This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can find all the options I use at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com/learnphotography.

1) Selective Color
2) Glow / Diffusion
3) the Orton Effect
4) Selective Sharpening

The Shot
Walking around Victoria BC in the early hours of the morning I found some really cool spots to shoot in Chinatown. This is the famous Fan Tan Alley which leads into some small nooks and crannies that wind through the city.
Avenues & Alleyways - Victoria, BCread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hidden Gardens - Victoria, BC

Every time I walk around Seattle at night there are new places to be found. Tonight I wandered into some small coffee shops and cafes that we're begging to have their picture taken, but the camera was at home. It's nice to escape from electronics once in a while and take a break from everything... When you  decide you no longer want that break, check out my post on Gadgets, Gear & Other Good Stuff it features all the stuff I use on a daily basis. 

The Shot
Buchart Gardens outside of Victoria British Columbia is a great place to spend an afternoon wandering aimlessly around, there are also a million and one spots to snap off a cool pic.
Hidden Gardens - Victoria, BCread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Rainier Falls - Mount Rainier National Park, WA

I am on the hunt for new backup and computer file storage options. Alot of people suggest Drobo and stuff like that, but I am leaning more towards two 6TB Western Digital Drives. I have always used them without a problem. Any suggestions would be great....

The Shot
This is a shot of Mount Rainier looking East-ish from the Reflection Lakes area. These falls are an awesome place to shoot if you can find them:)
Rainier Fallsread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To the Top of the World & Back - Iceland

Some days I wake up and have a mental block for any all all sorts of writing, others the words just fly out of my fingers into the keyboard, can you guess which of these two options today is? I have started a an informative page for anyone that wants to pick up the art of photography you can find it at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com/learnphotography

The Shot
Deep in the West Fjords of Iceland I found this really fun spot to pull off the side of the road and take some pics. At this point we had not seen anyone in a day or two and were up at all hours taking pics... good times.
Top of the World & Backread more of my travels to Iceland at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Big City Bound - San Francisco, CA

I had a great time teaching a group of students Star Photography Post Processing this weekend and taking care of a bunch of Photoshop work on my own. On the down side I was on my computer to much and did not get the chance to go out and take some star pictures... don't ya just hate when that happens?

The Shot
I find this view of San Francisco to be really intriguing, especially in the fog. Unfortunately there were not any great sunsets when I was there last, which only means another trip is due in the near future...
Big City Bound - San Francisco, CAread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Dawn on the Blue Lagoon - Iceland

This weekend the moon sets just after midnight Pacific time which means I'll be out chasing the Milky Way around the Pacific Northwest. There are a few new spots including some old abandon houses that are on the to do list for this weekend, now we just need some clear skies. On a side note you can see some of my favorite places to photograph HERE.

The Shot

I took this around 4 am on my last day in Iceland. Walking around in the middle of no where surrounded by blue water in the early hours of the Icelandic morning is quite a surreal experience
Dawn on the Blue Lagoon - Iceland*read more on my trip at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

High Glow - Ruby Beach, WA

Some day's I find it helpful to step away from whatever you like doing to fill your free time and do something completely off the wall and different. Doing something random everyday even if it is small is something I always look forward to. On a side note I was also selected as a finalist in Smithsonian Magazine's Photo Contest, the Grand Prize Winner will be selected next month... cross your fingers.

The Shot
I was at Ruby Beach on the Washington Coast this past summer capturing some star shots, I also managed to grab a sunset and sunrise or two.
High Glowread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Victoria Bound - Victoria, British Columbia

My new Online Star Photography Post Processing Workshop Page is up and running. Everything is automated so just pick a date you like and my website will walk you through the rest. I have added two new dates and more are coming in the near future. I am really happy that these classes are filling up so fast!

The Shot
I took this on my first weekend trip to Victoria BC which is a really cool town located a 3 hour boat ride from the Port of Seattle.
Victoria Boundfrom www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Journey to the End - New York City, NY

My online post processing workshop for this Sunday is completely full. I am going to hold one a month just incase you missed this one. There are also some other projects in the plans for anyone that wants to learn about photography.

The Shot
While in NYC I attempted to walk everywhere I went for the entire week without taking a cab. This was a great way to find awesome spots to shoot you don't normally see. Obviously this picture is not a good example. Who knows where this was taken?
Journey to the Endread more on my trip to NYC at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Monday, February 11, 2013

As the World Falls Down Around Me - Seattle, WA

Every afternoon as the day creeps towards sunset I find myself wondering if I should go out and take some pictures. The same happens in the early hours of the morning when I'm awake. Sometimes this  nagging feeling that can only be destroyed by making moves.... so on most nights I go out and try to capture something cool.

The Shot
Here is a unique capture of a random man sitting and watching the sunset over the water.
As the World Falls Around Mefrom www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Friday, February 8, 2013

The Devils Den - Eastern State Penitentiary, PA

Learn to take photos just like the one below using my Free Star Photography Tutorial!
www.DaveMorrowPhotography.comCheck out my FREE Star Photography Tutorial  and  Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial  Ready to learn star photography? My summer star photography workshop schedule for 2014 is now up and running.  We will shoot from the exact location you see in the picture above  Under the Stars Night Photography Workshops
Check out all my free photography tutorials at the link below

The Shot
I took this one at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia This place is worth a few hours of your time to walk around and explore or take pictures. All of the rooms are really cool and some of them have paintings and art.
The Devils Denread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Seattle, WA

I have a pretty solid urge to head out and shoot on the Olympic Peninsula this weekend. The rain forest is always an amazing place to wander or snap off some shots. There is one lonely spot left in my Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop who wants it?

The Shot
Here is another shot from one of my fav locations, the Seattle Waterfront.
Here Today, Gone Tomorrowread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Holy Trinity - Seattle, WA

On the prowl for new spots to travel this weekend in the Pacific Northwest. There is an ongoing list I carry around and mark of different locations once in a while, the only issue is the list grows faster than I can travel.

The Shot
This is the first shot I took with my D800 this past summer, can anyone guess the location? This spot always provides to be a really fun shoot.
The Holy Trinity

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

End Game - The Olympic Peninsula

Driving to the Washington Coast through the Olympics is a road trip I would love to do at least once a month. The winding back road leads through dense forests &  always provides awesome views and amazing hidden lakes and streams.

The Shot
This was one of the last pictures I took with my Canon 7D and was lucky enough to catch a really good sunset on the Olympic Peninsula. After processing hundreds of shots from my D800 and then going back to do this one I could really notice the difference in color and quality, but I think the final result still turned out just fine:)
End Gameread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Dreams - The Oregon Coast

I Just got back from an awesome weekend of photography in the Columbia River Gorge where I caught one of the best sunsets I have seen in a while. It was really nice to wander around in the woods shooting waterfalls all day with nothing to worry about...

The Shot
Here is a shot from the Oregon Coast near Cape Kiwanda State Park that I took last summer on a long road trip that ended up in Crater Lake. 
Dreamsread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Electric Storm - Seattle, WA

Just finished shooting one of the coolest sunsets I have ever seen in the Columbia River Gorge. The sky constantly changed colors for an hour or so allowing me to run all over the place and grab different shots.  It feels good to be back on the road with my camera, I don't think I've picked the thing up since Hawaii.

The Shot
Talk about wild skies, this was one of the coolest sunsets and cloud formations I have seen in Seattle. I am holding out on more pictures from this night for the time being;)

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Old Town - Shanghai, China

It's been awhile since I stepped foot in Asia, but there are still a few hundred pictures I have yet to post. There are still 2 spots left in my Online Star Photography Post Processing Workshop.

The Shot:
I snapped this off walking around one of Shanghai's old town. It is a great place to people watch and eat, I personally loved it. 
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

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