Dave Morrow Photography: Losin' My Religion

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Losin' My Religion

I have been thinking about how much popularity certain pictures get compared to others. A funny thing also happens to me on a regular basis. The pictures I love, don't get nearly as much attention as those that I don't like as much. I guess everyone else is wrong and I'm right? Has anyone else ever had this happen? Strange things I thinks I thinks.... :)

The Shot
When I go to a big city to shoot there are a few guarantees. One, I will walk my ass off to get everywhere, why you ask? Cause there are lots of neat sights along the way you would miss out on otherwise. It also ensures you get some unique shots. Two, sleep is at a minimum and Three.... People will come up and look right in my camera and ask what I am taking a picture of. This I always find intriguing. This was taken one late night walking the streets of San Francisco btw:)
Losin' My Religion

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