Dave Morrow Photography: Jack's Friends - Desolation Peak, WA

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jack's Friends - Desolation Peak, WA

Holding onto pictures a long time prior to processing is never a bad thing. This is one of the first shots I ever took with a DSLR way back from 2010ish up North in Desolation Peak Washington. One of my favorite authors Jack Kerouac spent a summer at the fire tower on top of the peak. Do you have a favorite Jack Kerouac Book? Mine is easily On the Road, I know it's now trendy, but damn what a good read.

The Shot
Mount Hozomeen can be seen in the far distance looming in the clouds and shaking up weather systems in all directions. Sometimes storms will roll in so fast that you barely have time to grab a camera or better yet shelter from the storm.
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