Dave Morrow Photography: Winter Falls - Latourell Creek, Oregon

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Winter Falls - Latourell Creek, Oregon

Well I am back in action from a much needed break. Stepping back from photography for a few days has always helped me in many ways. Upon my return in noticed that I am almost 2% ahead in the Smithsonian Photography Contest which ends tomorrow. Click HERE if you would like to vote, and select #18(that's me), then scroll to the bottom of the page and submit:) You can vote every 24 hours! I really appreciate all the support everyone has given so far!

The Shot
I have been hanging out the in Columbia River Gorge lately practicing up on my waterfall skills. At first falls are not as easy to shoot as you may think, and the post processing takes some effort as well. It is definitely a skill I am still getting better at.. see what you think:)
Winter Falls - Latourell Creek, Oregon

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