Dave Morrow Photography: City Shakedown - Manhattan NYC

Thursday, April 25, 2013

City Shakedown - Manhattan NYC

I am completely in love with photography, but sometimes different aspects of it need to be removed of my life for short periods of time. Let's take for example the computer, there are certain weeks where I just don't want to be around it. On the other hand at no time would I ever turn down hiking, exploring or road tripping with my camera. Tough times...;)

OK now on to the other topics of tonights discussion. Workshops, I am holding a bunch of them summer to teach all the aspects of my star photography knowledge. If you would like to join me feel free to sign up or shoot me an email with any questions. I can promise two things at these workshops, One awesome locations with amazing access to the night sky, Two a bunch of new learning experiences and skill sets, we might have fun too! Interested in either, head on over to my In the Field Star Photography Workshops page to grab a spot.... PS: there are 7 left for the whole summer!

The Shot
Upon arriving at Penn Station at 2AM after a long night at the bar in Philadelphia PA there was no other choice except exploring the city until sunrise. Personally I think Manhattan is a great place to wander around at night. There is rarely any crime & a bunch of cool locations to shoot. Before I knew it the sun was rising and I found myself running through the streets to watch it peak over the horizon from the Brooklyn Bridge...
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